Bernd Reinhard


Nacido en Alemania pasó su tiempo escolar en Chile para luego volver a Alemania y estudiar medicina.


Después de muchísimos anos ejerciendo como doctor de medicina interna en las afueras de Hamburgo se traslada a Marbella, Espana, comenzando a pintar por primera vez a comienzos de 2011.


Concede prioridad a la pintura abstracta particularmente en acrílico, experimentando con arena y papel de seda.


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Born in Germany he spent his school time in Chile, returning after high school diploma to Germany to study medicine.


After having practised as a doctor of internal medicine for several years in the neighbourhood of Hamburg he moved to Marbella, Spain, starting to paint for the first time at the beginning of 2011.


He mainly prefers the abstract style, working with acrylic on canvas, experimenting with sand and silk paper.



Exposiciones colectivas  /   Collective Art exhibitions


-   Art exhibition NADFAS de la Frontera Finca Vizcaronda June 2013


-  40th Gibraltar International Art Competition Nov. 2013


-  Passion in Art 2014 Benahavis  Decorative and Fine Arts Society


-  Clínica Buchinger-Wilhelmi - July 2014


-   Art in Action 2015 - Benahavis Decorative and Fine Arts Society


-   Art in Action 2016 - Benahavís Decorative and Fine Arts Society



Exposiciones individuales /  Solo exhibitions


-   Galeria Ricardo Alario Marbella  -  Enero 2017


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